Caring Architecture

Critical Care Expo - De Singel - co-produced by Beddeleem Circular

The double exhibition 'Caring Architecture' of the Flemish Architecture Institute in De Singel in Antwerp was co-produced by Beddeleem Circular.

How can architecture take care of our planet and its inhabitants? The exhibitions 'Critical Care. Architecture for a Broken Planet' and 'Care for Space' examined which forms caring architecture can take and what influence this has on the liveability of our environment. 

The scenographers only used circular materials for the construction of the space. The middle space was divided up with window and door units from the Beddeleem Circular range. Materials that were given a second life here and will be used again in other projects. They are connected to the Beddeleem structures which, at a height of 3800 mm, give shape to the exhibition space.

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