Realise the futureproof workspace through sustainability, innovation and excellence.


Our definition of sustainability encompasses the big picture.

It’s human-centric.
For product development and project execution, we carefully choose materials to ensure a high-quality, healthy, and safe indoor environment.
We strictly monitor legal obligations, our carbon footprint, and reduction targets to improve our environmental performance.
We do business to safeguard people and the planet.
We respect the Human rights policy and Environmental policy.


We make innovation a reality through in-house development and technical innovation.

The key to managing complexity is to secure and share knowledge.
Our proprietary research and development doesn’t stop at the legal minimum. Our code demands more and better.
Far-reaching efficiency and production capacity that stems from our cutting-edge tech.
We are committed to the circular economy.


We get the job done by excelling at what we do.

Customer service - we give clients a carefree experience, guaranteeing optimal follow-up before, during and after the work, meeting customer needs and expectations.
For partners (e.g. customers, suppliers, architects, subcontractors, etc.), we’re always top of mind, their go-to solution.
We pursue continuous improvement in, e.g. safety (VCA**), quality (ISO9001), environment (PEFC | ISO 14001), and sustainability (CO2-neutral | Cradle-to-Cradle | VOKA Charter for Sustainable Entrepreneurship) through our well-being systems and certificates and the related targets and action plans.
We aim to be the industry benchmark.
Beddeleem has proudly borne the badge of Best Managed Company since 2023.

And our vision reflects these principles perfectly.


Be the reference for sustainable workplaces through custom made project solutions and partnerships, made in Belgium.

Be the reference |

Beddeleem is your project’s trusted partner. We’ve got the organisational and technical experience and expertise you need. 
Beddeleem sticks to agreements and keeps the lines of communication open. Our professional approach ensures smooth delivery within agreed deadlines and budgets. Better still, we provide ongoing care through our after-sales service.

Custom-made project solutions 

Profound R&D and sustainability expertise, plus extensive technical knowledge in production and solid partnerships, enable us to co-construct stellar solutions – even for the most challenging projects. 
We deliver all that and more before and during the work.

Partnerships | 

The right partnerships are essential for achieving our objectives. 
To that end, we continue to develop long-term partnerships with clients, architects, suppliers, subcontractors, etc.


B Committed 

B Respectful 

B Innovative 

B Together 

B Healthy

Beddeleem is committed to these values. 
Our employees are our biggest asset. Their daily commitment is what meets the targets and delivers projects. Consequently, what they do and decide should always align with Beddeleem values. 



We achieve our goals based on five pillars and their action plans :

Focus on People 


Managing Complexity 

Outside Standard 

Fulfilling our ambitions

Policy statement

Read our policy statement.

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