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Want to (re)design your office in a sustainable and circular way, but don't know where to start?
Start with Beddeleem!
We are ready to work with you on the solution that best suits your working environment and needs.

Beddeleem Circular

Make use of our Beddeleem Circular range. It includes system walls and doors that already have a lifetime behind them. Through Urban Mining, they were picked from renovation or demolition works. Since November 2021, we have a separate storage location where we temporarily store them in order to give them a second (or third, or fourth,...) life in another project.  

With the Beddeleem Circular programme, we took the initiative and started to extend the actual lifespan of our products even more. This avoids unnecessary energy for conversion to other products or recycling. Together, we reduce the impact of your project and keep the circle as small as possible.

With our after-sales service, we have been providing disassembly and reassembly of our relocatable walls for more than 20 years. So at Beddeleem, we have long known about circularity. Our systems are truly circular products. They can be reused as a whole (profiles, finishing, windows, doors, etc.) or the elements can be exchanged or supplemented with new elements from our collection.  Our in-house design office analyses the available material and the new layout. So we have the knowledge and know-how to put that puzzle together.

Would you like to reduce the impact of your renovation or conversion project? Are there existing Beddeleem system partitions on your site? We will make a project-specific analysis and discuss options together.

B Circular

Project Classified Cycling - Chocolate factory | Beddeleem

Project HUB Brussels | Beddeleem

Critical Care Expo - De Singel - co-produced by Beddeleem Circular | Beddeleem

Beddeleem Circular range
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