Beddeleem launches new 'inspiration guide'

We are proud to be at the forefront of designing and sustainably producing the workplace of the future. We therefore present the first edition of the "Beddeleem Inspiration Guide": 76 pages full of inspiration and innovation for your workplaces.
Beddeleem Inspiration Guide
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Project highlight

KASTERLINDEN | Primary and secondary school

Kasterlinden is a school for special primary and secondary education with a boarding school where the wellbeing of the pupils is the main focus.

This is also reflected in the attention paid to the design of the buildings.

General contractor BAM Interbuild called on Beddeleem for the interior finishing: different types of suspended ceilings, plasterboard walls, JB WINDOW window units, acoustic baffles, doors, interior joinery, etc.

New - JB PURE 100

Newest double glazed system wall

The JB PURE 100 system from Beddeleem combines clean lines and minimalistic profile sections with high acoustic performance.

This glass partition up to 51 dB offers transparency without sacrificing comfort.

JB PURE 100 is a double glazed system wall with a thickness of 100 mm. Its appearance is based on the JB PURE 50 partition, with an upper profile of 50 mm and a lower profile of 30 mm high. The aluminium profiles give a slim impression, but still absorb the necessary building tolerances.

JB PURE 100 provides an answer to today's acoustic requirements in the office world, to the demand for flexibility, performance and aesthetics, and does so with brilliance and without compromise.


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