Beddeleem pushes boundaries

It is with great pride and a touch of excitement that we announce to you: Beddeleem products are now available in Switzerland! As passionate experts in the world of modular system walls, we are committed to expanding the boundaries of what is possible and to optimizing the way we utilize our workspaces.

Beddeleem recognised as Best Managed Company for the second year in a row

Each year, the Best Managed Companies programme tests participants against a globally tested framework. It recognises private companies that translate a clear strategy, strong competences and commitment to the business into solid financial results. The jury recognised Beddeleem for its outstanding business performance and we may wear the quality label again in the coming year.


Project highlight

IMMOBEL Multi Tower

Client : Immobel
Architects : Shake Design and Build
Location : Brussels
Year of completion : 2024

The Multi Tower is Brussels’ first CO2-neutral office building and is also the home of Immobel. To upgrade the functionality and aesthetic of their offices, the Beddeleem team comprehensively installed plasterboard partitions in combination with our JB PURE 100 partition line.

The positioning of the JB PURE 100 glass partitions is unique. Strategically set approximately 30 centimetres back from the plasterboard partitions, this intentional design choice allowed us to craft recessed niches seamlessly integrated into the architecture.

Given the space’s diverse functionality, we focussed on incorporating the right acoustic properties into our wall systems. This bespoke approach ensures that each ‘room’ is optimised for its intended use, providing superior sound management tailored to the environment’s unique requirements.

Our commitment to precision, innovation, and attention to detail culminates in the creation of a dynamic and functional environment.


Photograpy : Yvan Glavie

New - JB PURE 100

Newest double glazed system wall

The JB PURE 100 system from Beddeleem combines clean lines and minimalistic profile sections with high acoustic performance.

This glass partition up to 51 dB offers transparency without sacrificing comfort.

JB PURE 100 is a double glazed system wall with a thickness of 100 mm. Its appearance is based on the JB PURE 50 partition, with an upper profile of 50 mm and a lower profile of 30 mm high. The aluminium profiles give a slim impression, but still absorb the necessary building tolerances.

JB PURE 100 provides an answer to today's acoustic requirements in the office world, to the demand for flexibility, performance and aesthetics, and does so with brilliance and without compromise.


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