Chain of Custody

The only responsible choice when it comes to wood!

Important is the Chain of Custody that Beddeleem implemented at its production site in Nazareth. Only if all links in the chain up to and including the processing, installation and invoicing of the end product are certified can you, as a consumer, be sure that the product comes from a sustainably managed forest or has been responsibly recycled.

Beddeleem has complied with this since 2012.



The PEFC certificate was first awarded on 21 May 2012. The certificate is valid until 20 May 2027.

This strict and reliable management system guarantees wood from sustainable forest management right through to the installation and invoicing of the finished product and throughout the entire chain.

All wood used in our production and on site is covered by this certification. Thanks to our Chain of Custody, we can therefore guarantee the sustainable origin of your wood for the entire project!

PEFC certificate

Even if there are no specific requirements on certain projects, Beddeleem is committed to purchasing all wood products from its extensive standard range according to these sustainability requirements. The optimal use of certified wood with the PEFC label guarantees consumers that the wood comes from responsibly managed forests and/or contributes to the responsible management of our forests.



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