With JB OFFICE, we add the 'final touch' to your office space.

A team with years of experience in office furniture will guide you through the initial stages of developing a concept adapted to your corporate culture. This will then be translated into products, colours and materials, taking into account all your wishes.
Step by step, Beddeleem builds your ideal office environment together with you.

The range consists of the 4 pillars WORK | STORE | SIT | FEEL, in which Beddeleem develops and manufactures a number of products such as tables, desks, cabinets and lockers itself.
Quality and ergonomics are the most important standards.


Desks for standing or sitting work, meetings, consultations,... 


Organisation is a key concept in your working environment. Beddeleem helps you use storage space both functionally and creatively. Cupboards, drawer units, etc. can have multiple functions, e.g. as dividers, seating elements,...


It is impossible to imagine the contemporary workplace without lockers, not only for storing personal belongings, but also for implementing a clean desk policy within the new way of working.  

SIT & FEEL Brands

Beddeleem tries to make the concept of SIT at work as dynamic as possible. Starting with comfortable and ergonomic seating, but also by designing the workspace in such a way that sitting is alternated with other postures.
The term FEEL covers the feeling, the atmosphere, the furnishings, the image, the experience of your office. This component is essential for the well-being of your staff: creating a pleasant working environment where people meet, day after day.
Beddeleem works with established partners and major brands to achieve this.


Beddeleem offers a range of aesthetically pleasing products that optimise acoustic comfort in your office.


Light and privacy are important factors that are all too often overlooked when designing a comfortable workplace.


In this brochure you will find the materials from Beddeleem's standard collection for partitions, doors and furniture.
Other materials are also possible in consultation.

Visit our showroom in Nazareth for inspiration.


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