Client : Daikin Europe
Architect : B2ai
Location : Anderlecht
Period of completion : 2021-2022

For the expansion of their office building in Anderlecht, Daikin chose to collaborate with B2ai and Beddeleem. The new space of +/- 1.400m² was fully fitted, while the +/- 1.500m² existing area was also refurbished. This way, old and new are perfectly aligned and there is a clear harmony between the 2 zones.

Beddeleem was responsible for the techniques, new layout, painting, JB QBEs, cabinets and desks....

For the partitions, JB 2000, JB 4000, JB CLAUSTRA and JB PURE 100 were chosen. Beddeleem also installed the furniture from our JB OFFICE range, including JB LOCKERS, JB DESKS, JB STORES and custom-made furniture for the kitchenettes. We were also in charge of the seating furniture such as banquettes, various stools and chairs.


Used products

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