Phaseo PCM climate ceiling

At a time when sustainability, energy efficiency and user comfort are essential, it is vital to adopt innovative solutions that transcend the norms of traditional building practices.

Buildings are more than just structures. They are environments in which people live, work and develop. Optimising these spaces for comfort and well-being, while minimising our environmental footprint, is a challenge.

A Phaseo PCM climate control ceiling offers a versatile and effective way to meet the demands of the modern world.

Climate ceiling system

The Phaseo PCM climate ceiling is a suspended, decorative, metal or open ceiling equipped with PCM elements.

Phase change materials (PCMs) are substances capable of changing phase (from solid to liquid or vice versa) at a certain temperature. These materials exploit the phenomenon of latent heat storage, whereby heat is absorbed or released during the phase change process without the temperature changing.

The result is a very comfortable, stable indoor climate and optimum climate control.

With a climate ceiling, rooms can be cooled in an energy-efficient, pleasant, quiet and draught-free way.


Climate ceilings with PCM are used in a wide range of buildings, including offices, hospitals, nursing homes, schools. Thanks to their discreet design, they blend in harmoniously with various interior styles and architectural designs.

They can be integrated into new build or renovation projects.

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