IMMOBEL | Multi Tower

Client : Immobel
Architects : Shake Design and Build
Location : Brussels
Year of completion : 2024


The Multi Tower is Brussels’ first CO2-neutral office building and is also the home of Immobel. To upgrade the functionality and aesthetic of their offices, the Beddeleem team comprehensively installed plasterboard partitions in combination with our JB PURE 100 partition line.

The positioning of the JB PURE 100 glass partitions is unique. Strategically set approximately 30 centimetres back from the plasterboard partitions, this intentional design choice allowed us to craft recessed niches seamlessly integrated into the architecture.

Given the space’s diverse functionality, we focussed on incorporating the right acoustic properties into our wall systems. This bespoke approach ensures that each ‘room’ is optimised for its intended use, providing superior sound management tailored to the environment’s unique requirements.

Our commitment to precision, innovation, and attention to detail culminates in the creation of a dynamic and functional environment.


Photograpy : Yvan Glavie

Immobel Multi Tower - JB PURE 100 partition

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