About us

Beddeleem has a unique position in the construction industry as a 'class 8' total contractor and manufacturer specialising in the design, manufacture and installation of partitions, climate ceilings, door systems and project furniture. This combination offers significant benefits to our customers.

With over 75 years of experience, we have extensive expertise in the total fit-out of office buildings, utility buildings, hospitals, school buildings and various working environments. Our activities cover both domestic and international markets providing services to B2B clients as well as national and European public authorities.

Beddeleem has always taken the lead in exploring new opportunities and challenges, both in terms of product development and technical challenges and has also actively explored export markets.

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Mission | Vision | Values

OUR MISSION | Realise the futureproof workspace through sustainability, innovation and excellence.

OUR VISION | Be the reference for sustainable workplaces through custom made project solutions and partnerships, made in Belgium.

OUR VALUES | B Committed - B Respectful - B Innovative - B Together - B Healthy

Approach | Service
Your partner for a single product or one-stop contact for a total project fit-out. Beddeleem is your go-to expert.
Made in Belgium
Years of experience and extensive and advanced production facilities are just a few of the factors that have made our business what it is today – an expert in made-to-measure and custom projects in Belgium.
Quality & Environment

Beddeleem wants to deliver building finishing and completion work for its customers by using the most suitable products and techniques, which also comply with current standards. This all has to be done within the set deadlines and budgets.

Beddeleem strives to perform all its activities in a safe and healthy environment. In order to achieve this the Beddeleem Group introduced the VCA safety management system in 2000.
Our conditions
Here you can find the different conditions of Beddeleem.
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