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Make use of our Beddeleem Circular range. It includes relocatable partitions and doors that already have a lifetime behind them. Through Urban Mining, they were picked from renovation or demolition works. Since November 2021, we have a separate storage location where we temporarily store them in order to give them a second (or third, or fourth,...) life in another project.  

Our systems are designed circularly, proof of this are our CERFF and Cradle to Cradle Certified ® certifications and the numerous projects where the partitions have already been moved in a new layout. They can be reused as a whole (profiles, finishes, windows, doors, etc.) or the elements can be exchanged or they can be supplemented with new elements from our collection. 

With the Beddeleem Circular programme, we took the initiative and started to extend the actual lifespan of our products even more. This avoids unnecessary energy for conversion to other products or recycling. Together, we reduce the impact of your project and keep the circle as small as possible.

With our after-sales service, we have been demounting and reassembling our relocatable partitions for more than 30 years. So at Beddeleem, we have known about circularity for a long time. Our in-house study bureau analyses the available material and the new layout. So we have the knowledge and know-how to put that puzzle together. 

Materials databases are a next step.  Read more about our Madaster Max partnership.

Below, we like to give you 9 Best Practices as well - Sustainable design principles for the circular (re)design of your office.

Would you like to reduce the impact of your renovation or conversion project? Are there existing Beddeleem system partitions on your site? We will make a project-specific analysis and discuss options together.

Project Classified Cycling - Chocolate factory | Beddeleem

Project HUB Brussels | Beddeleem

Critical Care Expo - De Singel - co-produced by Beddeleem Circular | Beddeleem

9 Best practices

Design futureproof 
Don’t just look at the current standards and requirements, but anticipate. Make sure you have sufficiently wide doorways, good acoustic values, 
stable companies, moveable systems, etc. In other words, go for quality that lasts!

Circular reusable
Choose systems that can be moved in their entirety: JB System partitions, JB-QBE (box-in-box), loose furniture, ceiling islands,... 
Thanks to the reversible connections, the JB System walls can be erected and dismantled quickly and dry. 
Also with glass-to-glass, think of removable H- or K-connections instead of glued or tape connections.

Design modular
Work on a grid. Preferably according to standard construction modules. For partitions and ceilings, this is usually 1200 mm. 
Carry this through to the façade, fittings, ceilings, cupboards, etc. The more the same dimensions recur, the more flexible the layout and the more optimal the use of materials.

Technical panels
Work with technical panels in the ceiling, floor and partition. By limiting and bundling elements with recesses, the other components remain unaffected. In a ceiling with ceiling islands, the technical panels and walls can even be placed between the elements so that they are completely separate from each other. In a ceiling with strip grids, the partitions can also be moved quickly and easily. 

Extensions & fitting modules
Go for fixed heights. If you work with stacked modules in which the lowest module is 2400 mm high, you can be sure that the elements can be reused later with a minimum loss of material. The same applies to the width by keeping to the modulation and working with fitting modules. 

Interchangeable & flexible
With modular design, the solid and glazed elements and even the door units can be interchanged 100% without any structural changes. Only the infill panels are exchanged. Take a look at our JB 2000, JB FRAME and JB FLUSH range.  

Material selection
Choose materials from our extensive collection of materials. The sheets are adapted to wall height and width and thus optimised so that there is less cutting loss and thus waste during production. They are easier to reuse and deliver. Due to the quantity advantage in internal purchasing, they are also more economical and require less transport and therefore CO2 emissions. With us, you also have certainty about the sustainable use of materials, e.g. our walls are C2C® Certified and Beddeleem is PEFC CoC (Chain of Custody) certified.

Circular range
Go one step further: Make use of our Beddeleem Circular range. With this range we make the points listed above come true and give the JB System partitions a second (or third, fourth, ...) life at another location. 
Our systems are designed to be circular and by extending the life span of the products, unnecessary energy for conversion to other products or recycling at this point is avoided, thus reducing the impact of your project together.

Open mind
Do you work with circular materials? Then be flexible. The supply varies in function of the time and adjustments during the design and implemen-
tation phase are therefore possible. Set the broad outlines, but not all the details yet. 


Download here the 9 Best Practices








Keep the circle as small as possible

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