Cradle to Cradle Certified ®

Circular economy

Beddeleem is working towards a circular economy in which materials are either reused or recycled to the maximum extent when producing new products.  
We aim to have no waste after a product's life cycle. 
To this end, Beddeleem follows the international 'Cradle to Cradle Certified ® Product Standard' during the design process. 
Beddeleem has already certified several products and aims to have even more products certified in the future, both by adapting existing products and by taking the principles into account when designing new products. 

Continuous process of improvement

Product evaluation is done on 5 categories (see below) to ensure products have a positive impact on people and planet. For more than a decade, the Cradle to Cradle Institute has been helping companies innovate and optimise products according to the world's most advanced scientific measurement methods. In this too, Beddeleem took the lead in 2016, making it the first manufacturer in the world to offer a wall system that achieved the level silver.
Recertification is done every 2 years and a continuous improvement process is required to achieve this.

Supply chain responsibility

The certification examines not only our company, but also the supply chain.


Did you know that our Cradle-to-Cradle Certified products can contribute for points in your project? More information.



Material Health - ensuring materials are safe for humans and the environment
Beddeleem aims to examine all raw materials in all products and assess their impact on human health and the environment. Accordingly, safer and healthier options are sought where necessary.


Product Circularity - enabling a circular economy through regenerative products and process design
Product design with an eye on circularity, using recycled and recyclable materials, Beddeleem Circular. Read more about how we keep the circle as small as possible.


Clean Air & Climate Protection - protecting clean air, promoting renewable energy, and reducing harmful emissionsAs the 1st Belgian CO2-neutral construction company, Beddeleem is strongly committed to this. By setting reduction targets for 2030 and 2050 and translating them into concrete measures, we commit ourselves to a climate-neutral future.


Water & Soil Stewardship - safeguarding clean water and healthy soils
Water consumption at Beddeleem is limited. Our own water treatment plant cleans the water used during the coating process before it is disposed of.   


Social Fairness - respecting human rights and contributing to a fair and equitable society
Healthy and happy employees are the foundation of any company. That is why they are also at the heart of our 5 values. We pay great attention to a healthy working environment both internally and in the projects we realise.


More and more products are designed with the future in mind. How will the product be recycled/reused within x years? Which and how much energy is used during the production process ? How much water is used and will it be returned clean to nature ? These are just some of the questions that are asked to obtain a Cradle to Cradle Certified® certificate.


Made for Tomorrow

"We are powering the shift to a circular economy by setting the global standard for materials, products and systems that positively impact people and planet."

Cradle to Cradle products innovation institute




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