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Sustainability has long been ingrained in Beddeleem's culture and is embedded in our mission, our vision and our values. Today, even more than 30 years ago, we know that treating our environment, resources and people with respect is crucial. Not only for our planet and well-being, but also to remain resilient as a company to future challenges.

To this end, we do not wait for others to follow our example, but always try to lead the way through innovations and research. We like to challenge ourselves!

Circular economy

Sustainable building is often reduced to energy-efficient construction. However, thoughtful use of materials is - in the long term - at least as important to further reduce our footprint. That is why circular construction, in all its facets, is the future of the construction industry. As a sustainable company, Beddeleem aims to apply the principles of the circular economy to the maximum extent possible and guarantee the circularity of its products. How we do this? You can read more about this below.

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Keep the circle as small as possible

RETHINK - thoughtful product design - designed to dissassemble
Enabling circularity initially requires smart design. For Beddeleem, this starts with product design. We comply with the international Cradle to Cradle certification, which includes Product Circularity, and thus take into account the post-use phase in the design, thus extending the product's lifespan.
Our relocatable partitions, for example, are a truly circular product. We have been proving this for more than 20 years with our after-sales service. The modular construction of our partitions and associated doors and windows make assembly, disassembly and re-use very easy.

REFUSE SINGLE USE - design responsibility 
A relocatable BEDDELEEM partition is designed to move and keep moving. It is actually that simple. The connections are mechanical and therefore reversible, the elements are 100% interchangeable, including the glass and full partitions or doors. It is a modular system.
Its modularity, movability, high-performance acoustic and mechanical performance have been attested annually by the French CERFF association since 2001.
Not only the product must be cleverly developed, but also the building. This is also an important task for the architect or designer. Go for circular products made responsibly. B Circular.

REUSE | RETURN | REPAIR - circular use : relocate with the same components 
Beddeleem Circular and After-Sales Service. When (re)furnishing, existing modules or components (panels, structure, insulation, etc.) can be reused as much as possible and supplemented with new material only where necessary. It is now also possible to choose from the Beddeleem Circular range for new projects.
Each project gets an extensive As-Built and recently our BIM elements have also been made available in a database in Madaster. Via this materials database, we want to facilitate reuse even better in the future. Renting and leasing are also possible. The most suitable solution is always analysed with the customer on a project basis.

REMAKE | REFURBISH - Upcyclable partition systems 
Our wall systems use a hook system to connect the various components. No adhesives or silicones are used during assembly. As a result, our wall systems are easy to assemble and have a high degree of design freedom and adaptability.
Not unimportant in circularity: Beddeleem's system walls are upcyclable. They can be adapted to new requirements in terms of acoustics, height, look-and-feel,... . Another example is the reworking of recycled office furniture tops. 

RECYCLE - processing into new raw materials 
The reversible connections (bolts, screws, jacks, click systems) of all components of the product can, at the end of the partition's service life, be undone without causing damage.
Thus, the components can first be reused or processed individually and finally, at the end of their individual lifespan, recycled into a new equivalent basic product (aluminium, chipboard, steel, glass, rock wool, plasterboard, etc.). Sorting is done on site or through our extensive recycling park, processing is done externally. We can then reuse these basic products at Beddeleem for new wall systems, thus closing this final circle.


European Green Deal
Reducing our collective footprint does not just happen through these measures. In all areas, we continuously seek improvement. Did you know that Beddeleem is the 1st Belgian CO2-neutral construction company? Our production, transport, offices, ... do not add any CO2 in the chain. We also implement our philosophy in the choice of our partners and suppliers and want to make the difference together.

Heading for 2050!


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